Meet Buzzie

Buzzie is a plant-powered insect repellent brand founded by & for mosquito magnets.
We know how it feels to be personally victimized by blood-sucking fiends.

buzzie duo

Bugs are gross.

For us, the only thing worse than getting eaten up by mosquitoes are smelly old repellents that are so sticky that you’d rather shower than step outside.

No longer wanting to live in fear of bugs or ineffective sprays, we set out on a mission to craft a better repellent – so you can enjoy outside without the itch.

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Plant-Powered Goodness

Buzzie’s plant-powered repellent has been independently tested to be effective against mosquitoes for up to three hours – ensuring a bug-free adventure uninterrupted by the stink and stick found in traditional repellents.

Because we believe that even though bugs are gross, dealing with them doesn’t have to be.


👋 I'm Ali and this is my Buzzie origin story

The year is 2006. “SOS” by Rihanna is the song of the summer. And it’s the last night of my Hawaiian family vacation. As I come down from the sugar high of a steady diet of virgin piña coladas, I feel the itchiness returning. I stop counting my bug bites in the double digits. My brother reports a grand total of two bites (classic). My grandma tells me, “it’s because you’re so sweet.”

Nearly two decades later, I’m tired of being “sweet.”

Inspired by my fraught relationship with bugs and a personal dislike of natural bug spray scents (👀 citronella), I created Buzzie as a weapon of choice in my war against mosquitoes.

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Insect Repellent Spray

Signature plant-powered repellent spray! Smells good to humans & bad to bugs.

Bugs Are Gross Hat

The hat that says it all.

Wanted Tee

Wanted: Mosquitoes. Reward: No more bug bites.

Gross Bugs Only Tee

A guide to the grossest bugs you can enjoy while being bug-free.

Travel Insect Repellent

Travel-friendly repellent mini allows you to enjoy outside without the itch.

Buzzie Bundle

Double trouble (for mosquitoes) with this powerful dynamic duo.