Mosquito Magnet Tee

Honor your past with this memento – a shirt covered in biting bugs.

Remember when you would step outside and immediately attract mosquitoes? You didn’t know there could be a life without bug bites until Buzzie. Those days may seem like a distant memory but you should be proud of your journey as a mosquito magnet.

Unisex sizing. Made with a soft poly-cotton blend.


But wait, there's more!

Gross Bugs Only Tee

A guide to the grossest bugs you can enjoy while being bug-free.

Wanted Tee

Wanted: Mosquitoes. Reward: No more bug bites.

Bugs Are Gross Hat

The hat that says it all.

Insect Repellent Spray

Signature plant-powered repellent spray! Smells good to humans & bad to bugs.

Travel Insect Repellent

Travel-friendly repellent mini allows you to enjoy outside without the itch.

Buzzie Bundle

Double trouble (for mosquitoes) with this powerful dynamic duo.